IT Concierge/ Customer Experience Coordinator

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May we suggest another?

River City Recruiting & HR is happy to be finding an IT Concierge for our client. Please see below for the details of this amazing opportunity.

IT Concierge

Do you love helping people?

Are you all about solving problems and figuring out how to logistically get everything done... and you still love people? Though the days may be the same, the situations could change every hour, so someone who is up to the challenge of finding resolutions while maintaining client confidence will thrive in this role. 

This role is best described as a Concierge. High-performing Executive Assistants will fit in here perfectly. Instead of serving just one person, we need someone who deeply serves all our clients. Think of a mix of Pepper Potts and Mrs. Doubtfire or Jarvis/Friday and Alfred.

You will have some technical proficiency such as knowing your way around how a computer works at a tier 1 level and can use technology like excel and google to get everything done. The tech side is mandatory as you will be helping clients through low-level tech solutions and need to know enough to understand who to pass the customer to next and how to order what is needed. However, the other side of the coin requires a high EQ. If you don't know what that is, you might not have enough of it for us. 

We have a large growing client list are a local sweetheart company and have a very loyal team. All have drunk the Kool-Aid of this amazing team. Our team has strong defined values, a clear direction on where we're going, and we're here to make things better for our clients and get s*** done. Here are the values we're going to ask you questions about:

  • Be enthusiastic – enthusiasm and excitement to do things
  • Not surprising – unexpected or unplanned set of behaviours or outcomes
  • We are dependable – do everything you say you will.
  • Not diplomatic – sugar coating your true feelings or emotions, dishonest or manipulative
  • Be Pro-Active – anticipating and preparing for the unexpected.
  • Not precision – Results are more important than following every step
  • Have a positive impact – making a difference, leaving a mark, lasting impression
  • Not adequacy - good enough, sufficient but not excellent

You’re going to want to work here. The team is deeply competent, customer service driven, unified, and has just the right amount of freedom and fun.

We have a thorough hiring process and will find you out if you’re not right for us. So, only if you’re serious do we want to meet you! We’ll pay you $45-55,000 to start and grow your rewards as you grow with the team. Bonuses and perks are part of the job. We love those who love our clients.

Reach out to us and prove you’re worth it. We’re going to trust you with our clients; show us we can trust you. Our process includes finding out what truly makes you happy at work and what strengths you bring to our team. We will then have a conversation with you about the nuances of the role, and if you are someone we'd like to work with you'll have a face-to-face interview with our Chief Uptime Officer.

Edmonton AB CA
River City Recruiting
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